Paragliding course level 1 and paramotor

Paragliding is a form of Flying Free that gives the practitioner an exciting feeling of flying. Its prodigious form allows the practitioner to carry all the flying equipment in a backpack that fits in the trunk of your car. Learning goes through a practical and theoretical process that allows us to know how the air that surrounds us works and to fly in its environment in a safe way.



Function / course description
1st Phase - Initiation Ground and low flight maneuvers Duration: 3 to 4 days - 5 to 10 flights
Price: 400 €
Theoretical classes: Nomenclature of paragliding wing and its accessories. Basic knowledge of aerodynamics and aerology.
Paragliding safety.
Practical Classes: Technique of front and back inflation.
Taking off in "pending school".
Landing techniques.
At this stage the school supplies the flight equipment.
2nd Phase - Adaptation Flights from higher gradients
Duration: 4 days - 10 to 15 flights Price: 250 €
Theoretical classes: Aerodynamics
Local Aerology
Legislation and in-flight rules
Practical classes: Direct gliding flights of higher gradients
Learning to build a flight plan
Acquire progressive autonomy of flight
Initiation to Dynamic Ascending Flight
At this stage the school no supplies the flight equipment.
3rd Stage - Autonomous pilot Dynamic ascending flight
Duration: 4 to 5 days - 10 flights Price: 150 €
Theoretical classes: Meteorology
First aid
Emergency maneuvers and flight incidents
Practical classes: Long-term flights in a dynamic upward direction. Top landing technique

Precision descent and landing techniques.
At this stage the school no supplies the flight equipment.
4rd Stage - Pilot of paramotor (paramotor course).
Duration: 4 to 5 days - 10 flights Price: 400 €
Practical classes: Adaptation to paramotor or paratrike Safety with the engine.
Safety with surrounding space at the place of flight.
Practical classes: Motorized take-off and landings training.
engine checklist.
Preparation of all flying equipment.
At this stage the school no supplies the flight equipment.

The course consists of 3 stages. Throughout the course the flights are carried out with radio monitoring. At the end of the 3rd stage the student will have to take a theoretical exam of the responsibility of the Portuguese Free Flight Federation.

The price of the course includes:

  • All practical and theoretical classes taught by instructors accredited by FPVL.
  • All the material needed to be used by the student during the course.
  • Manual

The price of the course does not include:

  • trips to education sites
  • Travel to Lisbon to take the theoretical exam

The course fee does not include the learning license and the annual personal accident and civil liability insurance (€ 35 + € 90).

The course payment is made in 3 or 4 phases. In the registration is paid the 1st phase together with the insurance and license. The remaining phases are paid as the student progresses in the course and fulfills the various objectives.

Entries must be made at least one week before the start of the courses. Courses run year-round on Saturdays and Sundays.

Duration of courses may vary depending on weather conditions. The minimum and maximum age limits for access to courses are respectively 16 and 65. The admission of students outside this age group is conditioned. The most common places of activity and flight will be: Praia da Falesia, Cerro Cabeça de Camara, Cordoama, Praia das Areias Brancas, etc ...

parapente-praia-algarve is the delegation in the algarve of Espiral - Escola de voo (information about courses in lisbon) that excels in quality teaching based on the experience of qualified instructors. We are one of the few schools in the whole country that is qualified by the Portuguese Free Flight Federation to be able to teach courses up to level 2 (maximum level in Portugal).

The number of students accepted is restricted so that we can know each student perfectly and can judge correctly when they are able to fly alone without taking risks in the future! Choose the quality of service ... so that you always fly safely!

Watch a movie of a day of classes and of bilugars and come to experience ...

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