Voar de paramotor / ulm Praia Grande, Algarve

Enjoy the experience of paragliding or paratriking, even without prior flight experience.

Discover the Algarve from the Sky: Unforgettable Paratriking Adventures

Paratriking, also known as powered paragliding, offers a unique opportunity to explore paradisiacal locations in the Algarve, where conventional paragliding may not be feasible. Soaring early in the morning over the stunning Algarve beaches, witnessing sunrise, or enjoying the late afternoon while watching the sunset over the sea are truly unforgettable moments. During the flight, you'll have spectacular views of the Vilamoura Marina, golf courses, and, occasionally, you may even be visited by dolphins. With a flight autonomy of up to 4 hours, paratriking allows for shorter or longer excursions, providing a flexible experience. The possibility of flying at different altitudes and exploring the coast on approximately 10 km journeys offers a unique perspective compared to conventional paragliding, which flies in the same location and at the same altitude. Paratrike flights cover areas such as Falésia Beach, Açoteias, Olhos de Água, Vilamoura Marina, Tomato Beach, among other stunning destinations. The flight is conducted by a properly licensed pilot-instructor, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience. Always demand the presentation of the pilot/instructor's license and Portugal's tourist permit to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Enjoy a unique and unforgettable adventure exploring the Algarve from the sky with our exhilarating paratriking flights.

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