Video of an educational flight in paratrike.

The paratrike / paramotor flight is for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. This flight usually takes place in the late afternoon or early morning. With the paratrike we can fly in different places like on the beach or dams, in the coast or in the interior of the Algarve. The flight is carried out with an instructor to pilot (not pilot professor, designation that does not exist in the paraglider / paramotor) the trike. During the flight the instructor gives a flight and aerodynamic class of paragliding and paramotor as well as explaining the differences between free flight and motorized flight.

Tandem video in the excellent landscape of Armação de Pêra.

Fly over the magnificent landscape of Armação de Pêra and its cliffs. Feel the happiness of seeing the caves of Benagil flying. Magnificent landscapes that you can only see flying with me.

Video of the pedagogic paragliding flight at Falésia beach, Albufeira.

At the Falesia beach you will be flying in a dynamic ascendancy over the ravine. This type of flight is smoother looking over the beaches and golf courses of this area. At this location it is possible to pass the wing controls to the passenger and possible future paraglider pilot. As you fly lower it is possible to interact with friends, tourists among other people who are in the ground, etc. In the beach of the Falesia the wind has to be of South or Southwest and between the 15 and the 25 km / h. At this location the flight schedule depends exclusively on the weather conditions.

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